Creating crosstables in DataDynamic is an extensive subject due to the sheer number of options available. We will start off by explaining some of the basics here.

To start creating your first crosstable, open your datafile, go to the "Table Maker" tab. Here you can add variables to different areas of your crosstable. You can add variables into te crosstable area in different ways:

  • Double clicking a variable will add that variable "down the side" if no variables have been defined there yet or if there are variables defined already for "across the top".
  • You can select one or more variables in the list and click one off the "Add down", "Add across", "Add down nested" or "Add across nested" buttons in the top menu.
  • You can select one ore more variables in the list and drag them onto the table area where you want them added.

Once you have added the required variables you can click on "Run" in the top menu, DataDynamic will jump to the "Scrapbook" tab and show the table you requested using the default settings.

You have now created your first table, next you can read on:

Or read on working with your "Scrapbook" and "Workbook"