In DataDynamic Reporter creating top-box categories is an interactive type of operations that you can do it directly by interacting with the table you just created.

In fact if your initial table looks like the one below

and let's say you would like to create a top-box category that puts together all the Northern countries except for Italy and Spain, what you need to do is to mouse-click + hold the SHIFT command over the categories you would like to group and they'll automatically be highlighted with a different color (yellow). Then right-mouse-click over them and select amongst the two options (combine add, combine replace).

+ Combine add will combine the categories in a new category leaving in place the existing categories

+ Combine replace will combine the categories in a new category by replacing the existing categories (the most used option)

Once your choice is done (in this example 'combine replace'), you're also entitled where to place the new group, at the top or at the bottom of the list and give the desired name. In the below picture the pop-up window that allow you to combine these options.

If the final choice is 'at the top' the resulting table will look like this

There's a second way to achieve the above results but even more complicated scenarios.

Clicking on 'Top table', will open a pop-up window allowing you to set different parameters. This window is identical to that used for sorting (see sorting tables) but has an option for topping, so that from here you can manage both your topping and sorting parameters. Topping means that you can order your variable according to the rules described in sorting, but you can highlight in the table a pre-defined number of the most important categories (according to the sort statistics) and unite the the remaining categories under one unique item ('rest' category name) that you can rename in the appropriate box.

This is a very useful feature especially when having to order a series of lengthy items to which respondents could express different preferences, where you might be interested in showing only the 5 most answered and move the rest to the category 'other items'.

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: