When using a variable in a crosstable in DataDynamic, the settings applied by default are determined by type of variable and the "Display Mode" selected for that variable.

You  can change the Display Mode by going to the "Editing" tab, double clicking on the variable you wish to change and select the output type you want to use for that variable from te dropdown.

The following display types are available:

UnknownUnknown display type, standard rules based on the variable type are followed
IgnoreIgnores the variable in Auto run, works as unknown when selected explicitly
ScaleShows only totals, by default MEAN, MIN, MAX, MEDIAN, SUM and COUNTU are displayed
CategoricalDislays both categories and totals by default with PC and COUNTU for categories and PC and COUNTCU for total
DemographicDisplays as Categorical but in auto run is used as cross-break variable
NPSDisplays only totals with NPS, COUNTCU, SUMPC(9-10) labeled 'Promotors', SUMCOUNT(9-10), SUMPC(7-8) labeled 'Passives', SUMCOUNT(7-8), SUMPC(1-6) labeled 'Detractors', SUMCOUNT(1-6)
EPSDisplays only totals with EPS, COUNTCU, SUMPC(4-5) labeled 'Promotors', SUMCOUNT(4-5), SUMPC(3) labeled 'Passives', SUMCOUNT(3), SUMPC(1-2) labeled 'Detractors', SUMCOUNT(1-2)
NPSEURODisplays only totals with NPSEURO, COUNTCU, SUMPC(8-10) labeled 'Promotors', SUMCOUNT(8-10), SUMPC(6-7) labeled 'Passives', SUMCOUNT(6-7), SUMPC(1-5) labeled 'Detractors', SUMCOUNT(1-5)
CESDisplays only totals with CES, COUNTCU, SUMPC(1-2) labeled 'Promotors', SUMCOUNT(1-2), SUMPC(3) labeled 'Passives', SUMCOUNT(3), SUMPC(4-5) labeled 'Detractors', SUMCOUNT(4-5)
CES7PTNDisplays only totals with CES7PTN, COUNTCU, SUMPC(1-2) labeled 'Promotors', SUMCOUNT(1-2), SUMPC(3-4) labeled 'Passives', SUMCOUNT(3-4), SUMPC(5-7) labeled 'Detractors', SUMCOUNT(5-7)
CSSDisplays only totals with CSS and COUNTCU
INDEXDisplays only totals with INDEX and COUNTCU