When in the "Table Maker" tab, you can click the "Settings" top menu button to display the settings area on the right of the crosstable area. The settings area contains two tabs of which the first is the "Table options" tab, once there you should see a screen similar to this on the right hand side of DataDynamic:

  • Combine tables
    This option will combine multiple variables into a single table by appending them vertically. This option is mostly used in combination with the next option "Labels opposite" to create easy to read tables for f.e. matrix/grid questions in your survey.

  • Labels opposite
    When this option is selected it will create a table where the question texts of the selected variables are on the "down the side" area, but the labels/categories are on the "Across the top area". This is mostly used in combination with the first option "Combine tables"

  • Show table filter
    When checked and a filter has been applied the filter description wil be shown at the bottom of the table.

  • Chi square
    When checked will add the ChiSquare value on applicable tables.

  • Column references
    Will add column reference letters to the table header.

  • Function labels
    Will add value/function descriptions to the header of the table

  • Functions in columns
    Will add multiple values for a category as multiple columns rather then multiple rows (the default).

  • Table title
    Defines the content of the table title, this can be either a fixed text or it can be a text containing a short-code:
    A short code always starts with \q and will be replaced by a question text,
    \q on its own Is replaced by the text of the first question down the side.

    \q can be followed by one of the following optional position markers:
    d = down, db = down by, a = across, ab = across by.

    \q can be followed by optional square brackets containing either an index or a variable name. In case an index number is specified a preceding position marker is required. In case of a variable name, the only requirements is that the variable exists in the current dataset.

  • Label total
    Is the text used for the header of the summary row/column.

  • Usermissing
    Is the text used for the header of the user missing row/column

  • System missing
    Is the text used for the header of the system missing row