DataDynamic V2021 has been a long time coming and a lot has changed under the hood compared with V2010.

We had a look to see if we could maintain full backwards compatibility but found we would had to let go of too many improvements. We have therefor chosen to start from scratch and make as much use of the opportunities, coming from a complete rewrite, as possible. This means that only the DDF2 file format can be read into V2021.

WARNING: We have tried to make the file conversion as close as possible, The one area that you will need to double check the conversion is the conversion of the formulas of calculated variables.

Unfortunately the build up of tables is so completely different in V2021 that converting the tables files or PPT templates was not an option.

We except that this might cause a headche for existing customers and would like to offer them our assistence in getting back up and running with existing projects. If you have a current DataDynamic V2010 file or project that you would like to convert, to V2021 please contact us on and we will do our up most to get you back up and running as quick as possible.