When exporting a DataDynamic output file (.ddo file) via the PP Generator, one of the best tools available is the so called 'filtered output' export.

Once your PP Redo template is ready to use, you can use it for a regular export based on the total size of your sample (Base) but you can also use a filter variable to produce a number of reports equal to the number of categories of the filter variable. The sample Base of each reports will be the 'population' (nr. of cases) of each category.

In practical terms if you decide your filter variable is gonna be for example 'Gender' and your sample Base is 10110 and you'll end up automatically producing 2 reports, 1 for Male based on 3900 cases and 1 for Female based on 6210 cases. All tables and charts of your Redo PP template file will be automatically updated based on those 2 sub-samples. 

How can you do this? 

Very simple, when you click on 'PowerPoint Module' then:

+ on the 1st step choose 'Redo' export

+ then select your 'Redo' PP template as for any other kind of export

+ on step 3 click on 'Select Variable', a pop-up window will appear allowing you to select the filter variable (Gender in the example).

+ Once selected click 'OK' and 'Run export'

All your exports in PowerPoint will be automatically executed.