Excel Template file is a file containing a different type of chart template for every sheet. It is created by you, by choosing the chart types and layout in order to meet your own expectations on how the charts will look in your final report.

The Excel template file is used to associate each table of your DataDynamic Reporter output, with a chart template. When exporting to PowerPoint, this templates will tell DataDynamic how to convert a specific table into a chart, based on the associated template.

Very important thing to keep in mind in this files: the layout of tables on which chart templates are based. In fact it needs to be exactly the same of the tables you'll produce in DD Reporter.

The PowerPoint template files, are mainly of 2 types:

+ Base export template file

+ Redo export template file

The Base export template file consist of only 1 Sheet containing all the objects you want to see in every page of your report. From 'ddplaceholder' (the textbox who define the size and the position where your chart will be positioned) to all the other filters and data tags. 

The Redo export template file is a full report, saved as a template for future usage, like when a new wave of data come in or you want produce a filtered output report.