When you're using PP Generator, the first export you run to PowerPoint is always a Base export.

Base Export is the first step in exporting an output from DataDynamic into a PowerPoint report. It is called 'Base' mainly because it establishes a link between the tables set in DataDynamic Reporter and the outcome in Powerpoint.

A Base export always export each Table in DD Reporter into a separate Sheet in PowerPoint assigning every chart a unique ID.

Once your Base export has been executed, you can start working on the exported file in order to achieve your final report look and feel and layout.

You can in fact here:

+ move tables/charts from one page to another, or even put multiple charts/tables in the same sheet

+ re-size charts and tables

+ add photos and images, logos, change font sizes 

+ do any other desired operation allowed in PowerPoint

Once the above operations have been done, you need to save the file in order to use it as a PowerPoint template for a REDO export.

A REDO export in fact, uses a Redo PP template file to export by simply updating charts and tables with current data. The structure and layout of it will remain intact and only data in charts and tables will be re-freshed.