This is a very straightforward type of operation.

In DataDynamic every table is associated with a unique ID number and you can see this number by clicking on 'Chart Options'.

The number is centered at the top of the pop-up window.

When exporting to PowerPoint, this number is stored also in the PP report. 

You can find it by selecting the Chart in PP, right-mouse click and selecting 'Format Chart Area' and choosing 'Alt Text'. A screenshot is reported below and the only difference with the number in DataDynamic is that in PP a '1' is added at the end.

So, long story short, you can move any chart in your PP report by cutting and pasting it in every desired page, since the ID number is not gonna change.

If data will be updated in the .ddf2 file and consequently the numbers in a table would be different, the same results will be updated in your PP report every time you run it.