In general, from the default title assigned to a table, which is given by the variable description of the variables used down the side followed by the ones across the top, each separated with a 'by', it is possible to change the table title in 2 different ways:

In both cases you need to be in 'Table options'->'Labels' tab and type into the 'Table title' box

+ Manually, just by typing the desired table title

+ Automatically, just by typing the right sequence of shortcodes (\q0, \q1...etc.) and if desired combined with manually typed text. 

The rule here is that \q0 is always the first variable down the side, \q1 the second variable down the side and if there's not, is the 1st variable across the top, and so on. The logic behind this in general is that the count starts from \q0 which is always the 1st variable used down the side and goes on until it finds variables down the side, then the count continues by following the variables used across the top.

In the simple example of a crosstab, with 1 variable down the side and 1 across the top, the variable across the top will be \q1.

NB: most of the times, having a proper variable description (see how to change it here) makes life easier when using shortcodes for automation.

It is also possible to completely hide the Table title, just by un-checking the proper box in Table Options->Formatting options->Show table title

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: