Both in case you're applying a table or a global filter, as a default setting DataDynamic shows the filter name in the bottom part of the table.

It is possible to manually change this title mainly in 2 ways:

+ by renaming the filter, so that it will automatically appear as desired

+ by clicking on the DD icon on the top left corner of the program window and by selecting the 'Options' function. A window like the one showed below will appear and in the 'Filter text' box you can manually type the desired filter name, which will then appear in all the tables of the set in which a filter is applied. In this specific example the filter name was 'Mediterranean Young People' and the highlighted box is where to manually type the desired one

+ the 'Unfiltered text' box is also useful if you like to change the standard written 'Based on Total set' that appears in all non-filtered tables.