Yes it is possible to set conditions in table cells. In the example below a conditions has been set if the count N is minor of 600 units, cells appear to be red.

To do this, you need to click on Table Options->Formatting Options tab and insert the condition in one of the 2 boxes (column/row extra formatting). In this specific example column extra formatting.

The formula typed in this case is the following:

([1] < 600)|f=%0.1f%%\n%0.0f,s=background-color:#F75D59


+ [1] indicates that the conditions is set for the second row of the cell, the one that contains N. The first one is [0] and in this case contains the %.

+ < 600 is the condition.

+ |f=%0.1f%%\n%0.0f is the cell format, in this case % with 1 decimals and N count with 0 decimals.

s=background-color:#F75D59 is the definition of the color once the condition is satisfied. It needs to be specified in Hexal decimal color code.