When you want to change/add/delete a filter in a table or a selection of tables, the first thing you need to do is to verify if there's a filter applied on the previoues table (and which type of filter 'global' or 'table'). You need to do this because, without different instructions, DataDynamic assume that the next table you're creating will use the same 'settings' of the previous one. So not only 'Table options' but also 'Filters' would be the same.

So if:

+ in the selected tables you want to delete a previous table filter, you need to go back to 'Table Maker' view, click on 'Clear table filter' and set a new one or alternatively apply the changes to tables without any filter. To make this changes effective, click 'Apply changhes to all'.

+ in a similar scenario of the above one, instead of a Table filter you're about to run a Global filter that will afftect all your table set. Rather than click on 'Apply changes to all' you need to click on 'Rerun Table' button (in Scrapbook/Workbook view).

NB: when checking/deleting a previous Table filter applied to a table, be aware that the 2 buttons available on the top left corner are equal to adding/deleting a Global filter. If you want to add/delete a table filter you'll find the same commands only in 'Table Maker' view. Highly recommended to double check this too when veryfing which filters are in use.