Since there are several types of scenario for which missing values are not displayed as expected, depending on your specific data, we'll make here a comprehensive list of things to check out in order to be sure that missing values are completely under your control and so displayed at your choice in DataDynamic Reporter.

First thing to check is: how are your missing values looking in your datafile? You can verify this in Editor Mode just by sorting the variable in the 'Data' tab. Are they simply 'blank' cells or are they defined as specific values (i.e. 999998, 999999 etc.)? This will split the scenario in 3 main cases:

+ In case of 'blank' cells, these are by default considered system missing values from DataDynamic and they will not be displayed in your table. Meaning that the 'Total' in the table will be inferior of the total number of cases in the datafile. If you would like to display the 'missing values' in the table you need to click on 'Table Options' and make sure that checkbox 'Include system missing' in the 'Data options' tab is checked.

+ In case of values defined as missing, let's say your variable have value 99999 in the data. Obviously when producing a table this value and related count/percentages will be displayed as any other categories of the variables, unless they're defined as missing values. To define missing values, or to check if they're defined as that, you need to go back to 'Editor Mode', double-click on the variable and check if there's value 99999 defined as missing (so if any of the cells MV1, MV2, etc. contain the value 99999). If not, type 99999 in the first free of the MV cells.

In case you want these values to be defined as missing but want to display them in the table anyway, just select the table, click on 'Table options' and make sure that checkbox 'Include user missing' in the 'Data options' tab is checked

+ In case of both first 2 cases, simply apply the above described rules to show the table that you will like to see.

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: