Create a ‘target group’ in DataDynamic is a separate process for adding variables to groups. Target groups can be used in Datadynamic as a banner directly in table production or can also be used as a Table/Global Target group filter, reasons for which it's a Designer Mode function.

First thing to do is to click on ‘Target group’ icon in the 'Data File options' menu (Designer Mode). A pop-up window will show up where all the previously created target groups are listed. It is here possible to do some operations amongst groups, such as deleting, copying, importing and editing.

Editing specifically will show the Targetgroup definition, target group name etc. and you are allowed at any time to modify any of these things, in primis the Target Group 'TG' definition (formula). Once editing operations are done, simply click on ‘Save’ button. (In the video below) we clicked on ‘Cancel’ because we didn’t want to save the example.

To create a new TG first click on the ‘New’ icon in the TG pop up window, and a further pop up window appear asking to name the TG

+ Once a name is given it enters in the same type of window for editing TG mentioned above. Here you can define your TG using the buttons appearing in the mid-column (IS, IS NOT, etc.) to set conditions amongst categories of the selected variable whereas the buttons at the bottom (And, Or) are used to add or separate further conditions. For a complete description of all this commands refer to the manual.

In the video example I created a group where gender is male AND period is 2007 or 2008.

Click on ‘Save’ button to save the TG.  It will appear both in the pop-up window and on top of the variable list under the ‘Target group’ menu.

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: