In DataDynamic Reporter it is possible to compare two different .ddf2 datafiles. The one that is already open and one we can pick up.

This kind of operation is very common and useful when trying to import/merge two files, and before to do this you want to be sure that the two files are entirely compatible.

To do this, open a file in DataDynamic, then:

+ Click to 'Compare files' button

+ A window will pop-up allowing you to browse and select the file to compare with (see picture)

+ Once the file is chosen, in the same window, there are 4 different tabs based on which comparison amongst the 2 files can be done:

1) by variable names

2) by variable description

3) by category/labels

4) by category labels description

On the left side of the screen appears the data of the base datafile whereas in the right column appears the data of the comparison file. Data on the 2 columns vary depending on the above selected ‘Tab’. In this picture 'variable names'

‘Green colour’ can appear only on the left column, and indicates data present in the base datafile and NOT in the comparison one

‘Red colour’ can appear only on the right column, and indicates data present in the comparison file and not in the base one

+ With the 3 buttons in the center it is possible to copy data from the comparison file to the base one. Criteria on how the 3 different buttons works are highlighted in the video

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: