It is possible in DataDynamic Reporter to import a file of different dimensions of the original one. For different dimensions here we mean a file with different number of respondents and different number of variables (more) compared to the orginal one.

Fundamental steps before to start the 'Import' is to verify a couple of basic requirements:

+ both files need to have an ID variable to uniquely identify respondents. The ID variable does not necessary need to have the same name in the 2 files.

+ the variables where you want cases to be appended need to have to same name in the 2 files.

The procedure (that you can also see in the video) starts by:

+ Open a .ddf2 file

+ Clicking on the 'Import' icon

+ Here you can browse amongst the file to import, select the file to import and be sure that the ‘same’ variables (the 40 variables in this case) on both datafiles are the same and with the same name. (In the example, since our base datafile have 10110 cases and 40 variables and the new one have 5000 cases and 42 variables we’ll expect a file with 15110 cases and 42 variables).

Click on ‘Show advanced features’ box there are 4 different choices available for the import.  

+ Check ‘import structure’ of the datafile which in this example is the same of the base datafile 

+ Check ‘import data’ to import the data

+ Check ‘Merge file’ to select the ID variable that will uniquely identify cases in both datafiles and be sure to not have repetitions. In our example variable ‘ID’ is the one in both datafiles.

+ The option ‘Import only matching cases’ will import only the matching cases, that means in this case only the 2 new variables. If not checked will import the new variables and the new cases. Both this scenarios are then shown in the ‘Data’ tab.

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: