First requirement when trying to import a file of respondent (cases) is that the file you're trying to import have the same number of variables, with exact same names, of those in the base file.

Based on the example showed in the video attached below, since our base starting datafile have 10110 cases and 40 variables and the new one have 5000 cases and 40 variables we’ll expect a file with 15110 cases and 40 variables . The file to be imported is quickly shown before to be imported.

So the real steps, after the above requirements are checked, are:

+ In Editor Mode click on 'Import' button and select the file to import using the browsing button available on the right side of the screen. Once selected

+ Clicking ‘show advanced features’ box there are 4 different choices available for the import. In case of importing only cases you need to:


- Check ‘import structure’ of the datafile which in this example is the same of the base datafile

- Check ‘import data’ to import the data

+ Click on ‘Import’ button and now the file of the example is updated to 15110 cases.

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: