DataDynamic works with all the types of variables. The type of variable depends on the format of the variables in the original file (for instance: the imported SPSS file).

+ Categorical (C): the most common type of variable, with categories and labels. In DataDynamic the 'Categorical' variable is comprised of three statistically different types of variables (categorical, ordinal, interval). These are commonly treated in the same manner and for this reason are under a single grouping 'Categorical'.

+ Scale - Numerical (S): scale data has order and equal intervals. Interval scale variables are measured on a linear scale, and can take on positive or negative values. This type of variable only has values, but no labels because theoretically they can take an infinite number of values (for example age in years)

+ Text (O): the values in text variables are text strings, and have no values assigned (for example Address)

+ Calculated (#): type created in DataDynamic, and may belong to each of the 3 types mentioned above.

In the "Variable type" field you can see (but you can not change) the variable type. Variable types can be changed, for instance by recoding a variable into different categories, in this case will become (Categorical).

+ Multi-response or Multi-dichotomous (M): type created in DataDynamic, refers to those variables which can assume more than one value, or more than one attribute at the same time (multi-dichotomous).