In this tutorial it is initially shown how to delete variables from the datafile (there's another specific tutorial here, but is reported quickly also in this one because the process of cleaning data can often include both deleting variables (columns) and cases (rows)), and then is shown how to delete one or more selection of cases (rows), a selection of cases based on a filter and last all cases in one go. So:

+ To delete 1 or more variables from the list you simply need to select variable(s) from the list on the left side and click on the ‘delete variable’ button 

+ To delete 1 or more (few) cases from the datafile you need to switch to ‘Data’ tab (always in Editor Mode), select the case(s) of interest and click on the ‘Delete Case’ button

+ To delete groups of cases, based on a filter selection in a way that the filter is used to highlight the cases to delete. This can be achieved, always in 'Data' tab by clicking on 'Add filter' button, defining here your filter selection which will envy the case to delete, and then click on the ‘X’ button which will delete everything under the filter. In the video example it is shown then that the number of cases pass from 10106 to 7874 maintaining the same variables.

+ To delete ALL cases simply click on the ‘X’ button. Before to hit the 'X' button, make sure to clean the filter sat at the step before, in order to work with all the left cases available

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: