For the ease of use of the formula field (compared to the recode function) and the more intuitive way it operates, create a new variable in DataDynamic is mostly used for what is classically known as recoding variables, especially scale (numerical) ones into categorical. 

Starting from previous existing variables(s), it is in fact possible to group them or create categories starting from a pre-existing variable.

To create a New 'calculated' variable, just select the variable(s) of interest in the variable list and click on 'Add Variable' in the Edit toolbar.

On the right side of the screen:

+ select Variable Type 'Calculated'

+ assign a Variable Name and a Description

+ fill in the field formula with the proper formula to tell DataDynamic the criteria on how to build the new variable. (About the usage of formula's click here)

click on 'Create'

+ Once the variable is created it will appear at the end of the variable list. It is possible to edit it, by double clicking on it, and then add category labels.

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: