It is possible not to show certain variables from the data list in (Designer Mode) when making tables. These will then not be offered in the variable list in the Table Maker view (variables will always remain visible in Editor Mode). By hiding variables that are not used in Designer mode (for instance variables pertaining to the length of the questionnaire, or variables that are used to build multiple response variable), you will like to keep the variable list short and variables easier to find. 

To hide variables, simply select the variables from the variables list in Editor Mode, right click with your mouse and then choose 'Hide variables' from the pop-up menu. To show variables that you have hidden, simply follow the same procedure, but select 'Show variables' from the pop-up menu.

The variables you have hidden will not disappear in Editor Mode, but they will remain visible with a different colour (grey).

You can follow the steps described above by checking the video on our Youtube channel: